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... servicing the Valley since 1991


Pool Safety Checklist              For Homes with Children

    • Adult supervision is essential. Never let kids swim alone!

    • If your pool is not fenced in, fence it!

    • Keep gates closed. Make sure that self closing gates actually self close. Even better yet, padlock the gate.

    • Keep items which can be used for climbing (tables, chairs, large play toys, and ladders) away from fences.

    • Keep toys and balls out of and away from the pool area.

    • Remove any trees, bushes or other things that might block a clear view of the pool from the house.

    • Keep the water within 3 to 4 inches from the top of the pool. This will make climbing out of the pool easier.

    • Keep all pool chemical supplies and equipment locked up at all times.

    • Keep an emergency plan, with telephone number to call (911), by the entrance to the house or near an outside phone.

    • Learn CPR. It takes only a couple hours and may save a life.


    Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona      http://www.preventdrownings.org


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